Know your business process and want a custom web application to support it?

iPB is a tool for technically-minded business people who want a web application but do not have the time and
money to spend on external contractors, or customizing a standard application, or arguing with the IT department.

"iPB puts you in control of your application as the conditions of your business changes."
      -- Rogier Svensson, CIO IbisSoft

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iPB platforms

iPB is a service on the web for development of business oriented web applications. To use iPB you need to have an account, if you would like to try before you buy, please apply for your free account to the iPB trial platform by clicking the "Try iPB" button on this site. Click on the below link for a platform comparison.
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Read the iPB documentation

The iPB documentation site includes more information about iPB in a plain and simple design. You will find information of how to use iPB and how it works, the site does not offer any marketing or sales material. The documents site is updated on an regular basis.
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